90+ VHS: Glitch and Other 4k Overlays Pack

90+ VHS: Glitch and Other 4k Overlays Pack

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This is an Essential 4K Retro Glitch and Other Effects pack for your videos. 

Extremely easy to use. Just (1) Drag and drop, (2) change blending (composition mode) to screen and you are read to go*


  • 90+ video overlays (mp4).
  • Massive 4k Resolution
  • Easy-to-use
  • After Effects, Adobe Premier,  Final Cut, DaVinci Resolve and Vegas: instructions included.



Compatible with all major video editors including but not limited too: After Effects, Adobe Premiere, Final Cut, DaVinci, Vegas. Email us at info@video-presets.com to see if your editor is compatible or you need any extra help.

*other folder has transparent overlays in mov format. So no need to change blending mode. Just drag and drop over your video

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