1120+ 4k Video Overlays: THE ULTIMATE ALL SHOP PACK

1120+ 4k Video Overlays: THE ULTIMATE ALL SHOP PACK

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The largest and the most versatile 4k Video Overlays Pack on the web. 

This amazing product contains FOUR 4k overlays collections.  But it has a SUPER CHERRY ON THE TOP: AN EXTRA DISCOUNT: $99.99 instead of buying four packs one by one for $124.97....This price is extremely low as...well just imagine how much time and effort has been put into creating 1120+ 4k Overlays? $0.09 per single video overlay...that is MASSIVE value. 

1120+ Pack contains ALL OF OUR OVERLAYS great 4k overlays collections: 
310+ 4k Overlays: Epic Bundle
300+ 4k Video Overlays
420+ 4 Lens Flare Overlays
90+ VHS: Glitch and Other 4k Overlays Pack

4k Overlays included: 

310+ 4k Overlays: Epic Bundle:
Clouds: 82 Overlays

Night Clouds: 19 Overlays
Lightning: 31 Overlays
Fog: 98 Overlays
Command Prompt Glitch: 20 Overlays
Energy: 10 Overlays
Fire: 20 Overlays
Flash Run: 13 Overlays
Programming effects: 20 Overlays

300+ 4k Video Overlays:
Fireworks: 20 Overlays
Glitch: 26 Overlays
LensFlare: 20 Overlays
Light Leaks: 25 Overlays
Light Lines: 21 Overlays
Particles: 23 Overlays
Planet: 21 Overlays
Rain: 19 Overlays
Rays: 15 Overlays
Shockwave: 25 Overlays
Smoke: 25 Overlays
Snow: 23 Overlays
Sparks: 23 Overlays
Other: 33 Overlays

Lens Flare Overlays:
420+ Overlays

VHS: 90+ Overlays, including:
- Film Damage
- Film Tape
- Retro TV coloured stripes
- VHS general style glitches
- White Noise 
- VHS Line Glitches
- General Type Glitches
- 321 Countdown timer
- "Play" and "Stop Screens"

300+ 4k Video Overlays


420+ 4k Video Lens Flare Overlays of All Types

433 Drag and drop Lens Flare in 4k resolution. Will help to speed up your post-production workflow. These are ALL LENS FLARE YOU WILL EVER NEED.


90+ VHS: Glitch and Other 4k Overlays Pack

This is an Essential Retro Stylish 4k Effects pack for your videos. 

310+ 4 Video Overlays: Epic Bundle 



Compatible with all major video editors including but not limited too: After Effects, Adobe Premiere, Final Cut, DaVinci, Vegas. Email us at info@creative-deals.com to see if your editor is compatible or you need any extra help.

Product summary:
- Direct Digital download
- 4k Resolution
- Compatible with All Major Video Editing Software apps
- Download link sent Instantly
- 100% Royalty Free. Pay once, use forever. 
mp4 & mov format

Video Presets VFX product